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Vol. 16 No. 1 (2023)
Published April 24, 2023
ISSN: 2011-7922
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Jorge Mauricio Cuartas                                                                                                                                                                            Journal of the Faculty of Psychology of Universidad de San Buenaventura, which is located in Medellín, dedicated to promoting psychological and neuroscientific knowledge and all its related sciences.
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH is the electronic version of the printed publication of the same name (ISSN 2011-2084). 

This publication will be of interest to professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience and human behavior. In addition, this publication serves as a training resource for students in the areas of mental health, neuroscience, humanities and basic areas related to psychological research.     


Manuscript Reception and Special Issues

For 2023 we are preparing our special issues of Cognition in Neuroscience y Psychophysiology and Experimental Psychology. Therefore, review of manuscripts on these topics will be privileged.


March 15, 2022

Research Article

Fraidy-Alonso Alzate-Pamplona, Óscar Galindo-Caballero, Juan Pablo Sánchez Escudero, Johny Villada Zapata
Economic Decisions, Attractiveness, and Intrasexual Competition during Menstrual Cycle in the Ultimatum Game
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Paz Guarderas Albuja, María de Lourdes Larrea, Rodrigo Moreta-Herrera, Carlos Reyes-Valenzuela, Diego Vaca, Daniela Acosta
Psychometric Properties of the Acoso Sexual en las Instituciones de Educación Superior Scale (ASIES) in an Ecuadorian Sample
Claudia Patricia Navarro Roldán, Sandra Mateus Gómez, Catalina Botero, Gabriel Velez
Validity and reliability of Spanish version of the EQ-i: YV[S] in Colombian children and youth: PROPIEDADES PSICOMÉTRICAS DEL ICE:NA
Elloyse Fitzgeraldson, Zoi Triandafilidis, Yohana Franklin, Kerrin Palazzi, Frances Kay-Lambkin, Sally Fitzpatrick
Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Online Program for Mental Health Carers
Sara Guidotti, Carlo Pruneti, Simona Mortilla, Giuseppe Masellis, Chiara Caramuscio
Clinical-Psychological Aspects Involved in Gynecological Surgery: Description of Peri-Operative Psychopathological Symptoms and Illness Behavior
Germán Cañavate, Isabella Meneghel
Analysis of some Demographic and Psychosocial Factors that Influence in the Perception of the Workplace Violence
Marios Argyrides, Christiana Koundourou, Athina Angelidou, Elly Anastasiades
Body Image, Media Influences, and Situational Dysphoria in Individuals with Visible Physical Disabilities
Guido Martinolli, Alejandro Sanín Posada , Núria Tordera
The ECO VI Organizational Climate Scale: An Invariance Study in Four Latin American Countries
Nicole Camila Waigel, Viviana Noemí Lemos
Psychometric Properties of PERMA Profiler Scale in Argentinian Adolescents
Claudia Marcela Arana Medina, Lucila Cárdenas Niño, Juan Diego Betancur Arias, Paula Andrea Montoya Zuluaga
Work Engagement Scale: Construct Validity and Reliability in the Colombian Organizational Context

Review Article

Libia Yanelli Yanez-Peñúñuri, César Armando Rey-Anacona, Linda Isis Garcia-Estrada
Relationship between Dating Violence and Mental Health of Young Victims and Perpetrators: A Systematic Review
Ana Sofia Santos, Isabel Silva
Psychosocial Correlates of Women with Breast Cancer during Chemotherapy: A Scoping Review
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The International Journal of Psychological Research (Int.j.psychol.res.) is the Faculty of Psychology’s official publication of San Buenaventura University in Medellin, Colombia. Int.j.psychol.res. relies on a vast and diverse theoretical and thematic publishing material, which includes unpublished productions of diverse psychological issues and behavioral human areas such as psychiatry, neurosciences, mental health, among others.